1.   All library members has to carry an I-card.

2.   Readers should not carry any book, bag & notebook etc. while entering in library.

3.   Always maintain silence in the library premises.

4.   Library material is your property please handles with care.

5.   Always keep your mobiles on silence mode while entering in the library. 

6.   Playing & receiving of the mobile in the library premises is strictly not allowed.

8.  Without Submission, I card & prior permission nobody can use the books & periodicals, in the library-reading hall.

9. Reference books, rare books, loose issues of periodicals & Magazines may not be issued without prior permission.

10. Always replace the library materials on the proper place after use.

11. Readers will not be issued to take reference material home.

12. Students will be allowed to retain one book on their library card & One CD or one journal against their I card.

13. Books will be issued as per the time table displayed at issue counter (Book will not be issued strictly during lecture hrs.)

14. The readers should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc., while borrowing the books. 

15. Books once issued should not be brought inside, unless it is to be returned.

16. Books are re-issued only one time, if there are no claims 

17. Readers submitting books/periodicals/CDs etc. after the prescribed date are liable to remit a fine of Rs 1/- per day for the rest days.

18. Periodicals are available for reading & Issuing (Previous issues only)  

19. The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehavior or misuse of the library.

20. Faculty members & students are invited to give their suggestions for keeping library collection updated on regular basis.

21. Books/Periodicals/CDs etc. issued for reading hall must be returned on same day. Otherwise Rs 10/- will be charged per day as a fine.

22. Loss of books/periodical/ CD’s must be reported immediately.

23. Late fees, if any will be charged till the loss of book is reported, if original library book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return.  

24. Do not utilize library facility during lectures hrs.

25. Readers are requested to see the notice board regularly.

 Librarian                                                                                                                        Principal